Jhulna Jhulawye

Album by Navin Yankarran

About Me


l was born a singer. Before l spoke, l was singing the songs of my father and grandfather. But l must show the world who l am and this is what l can do through my songs and my music.

Navin Yankarran

During the early 1900, culture was at an all-time low with few East Indian artistes coming forward to perform on the public stages in Trinidad and Tobago. However, in Waterloo, Carapichaima TT a star emerged with a deep-set powerful and yet melodious voice. Estate worker Isaac Yankarran was about to change history and put Indian classical singing on the map of Trinidad and Tobago. Through three decades he entertained nationally and internationally with his incomparable styles of singing before he passed on. Yankarran is today alive through his sons and grandsons. The same powerful, melodious, deep set and baritone voice sings modern lyrics in Chutney Soca and Filmi songs. The person behind this voice is the grandson of Isaac, Navin Yankarran.

Standing tall and handsome when this Caribbean man takes to the stage he will steal your heart. He will mesmerise you with charm and he will entertain you to the core.

Navin who was born with high voltage rhythm in his blood wakes up any crowd with his drum. " The dholak is an instrument of the heart. The rhythms, l live for.. When l have the dholak in my hands l feel my life is complete. It is no surprise that he also plays the harmonium and mastered the dhantal. Multi-talented Navin grew up listening to the songs of his father the undisputed Chutney King, Rakesh Yankarran. When he holds the microphone to sing it comes naturally...Songs flow like water and he easily captivates his audience.

Canada-based Trinidadian, Navin Yankarran latest release is

Navin said he admires his parents. But like any son would he especially adores his mother and describes the saddest moment in his life is when she passed. "l know l have her blessings."

Forward into the future, this celebrity is taking further steps in cementing his singing career in countries across the world. "Moving to Canada worked in my favour as l was able to work harder and to develop my skills." Navin Yankarran the music lives through him... He is keeping the legacy alive. He has since dedicated his music to his mother.